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recreational classes

Recreational Classes

Ages 5 & up

60 minutes, 12 week semesters:

This noncompetitive class is the beginning of a great foundation for achieving excellence in gymnastics as well as any future sports. Our program emphasizes safety and skill progression through basic drill skills and apparatus training. All groups will start with an active dynamic warm up that gets the body ready for physical activity. Groups will train skills for uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and vault, as well as on the rings, cargo net, rope, and trampoline. We will focus on technique, form, and proper execution of each gymnastic skill learned. Our goal is for children to build the necessary confidence and self-esteem needed to perform such skills, as well as succeed in any future activities. Developing such skills should come easy since gymnastics is tons of fun!

These classes are broken down into smaller groups by age, for example: 5s & 6s together, 6s & 7s, 8s-10s, 10s-12s, etc.