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Covid Protocols and Information

Please know that the health, safety, and well-being of all our ISG families and staff is our top priority. While no one can guarantee no exposure to Covid, we are committed to doing everything in our power to reduce the risk so our gymnasts can return to some new sense of normalcy. With all of our new protocols in place we are honored and thrilled that we were able to run an extremely safe and fun Fall semester schedule! We will constantly be reviewing our protocols to improve wherever we can in this ever-changing world.


We are of course extremely limiting the number of students we allow in the building at one time and accepting only half as many kids as we normally do in each time slot (which was already lower than what we could accept). This will allow for ample distancing with no reduction in quality class instruction.

Sanitizing Cleaning:

*Please know that we take this very seriously.

*We have a fogger machine that allows us to apply disinfectant quickly and efficiently to every nook and cranny of the gym.

*The gym will be fully sanitized after each group leaves.

*Bathrooms including toilet seat, toilet handle, faucets, doorknobs/latches cleaned frequently, most often after every use.

*Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be used upon entering, exiting, after bathroom use and throughout class whenever necessary. No worries about you child remembering- we are on it!

Physical Distancing:

All of our classes are designed so that kids are at least 6 ft apart from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave -please note that this includes siblings and friend groups regardless of their interaction outside of the gym as we cannot safely identify who is allowed to be close and who is not. While we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure distancing in classes, we understand that kids will be kids and it may be hard for them at times or they may forget, we will provide caring reminders in those moments. With that said, we will make sure that the kids do not feel isolated or like social interaction is lacking as that is important to us, that is why we call it physical distancing and not social distancing!


*Staff will be wearing masks at all times when working with the children or in the vicinity of any other person.

*All students 3 and older are now required to wear masks, however they can take mask breaks whenever they need to! Many of our students have been successfully wearing them for months with no problems. As soon as we are able to safely lift this policy we will let you know.

*All adults who enter must wear a mask.

Physical contact:

Due to the nature of gymnastics, there are times when our coaches will need to be hands on in order to spot children safely and adequately.


Gloves will not be permitted during gymnastics- they are not safe for children to use during their activities nor for our coaches who need to spot safely.


Touchless temperature will be taken of every person entering the building including staff, children, parents, and caregivers. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher will not be permitted inside.

Ball pit:

Our ball pit remains closed, we know it is a favorite of our little ones however it just is not safe to put back in the rotation.

Water Fountain:

Our water fountain remains closed, so we request that each child bring in their own water bottle labeled with their name.


In an effort to maintain safe distancing at all times, we instituted a drop off and pick up procedure for our summer camp that went remarkably well and we will continue it for our classes. Details will be outlined in our Fall Semester welcome email that will go out to registered students.

Waiting room:

While we have always tried to be welcoming parents and caregivers who wanted to watch their children in class, this year we can not possibly allow for everyone. We ask that for the time being those who can drop off to please plan to do so. We will have extremely limited seating/space for parents so those who do need or wish to stay may have to rotate with other parents. We also respectfully ask you not bring siblings of students in to wait.


DO NOT SEND SICK CHILDREN TO CLASS, doing so puts every child, staff member, and all our families at risk as well as threatens the ability of all recreational classes and programs in the area to remain open. When in doubt, keep them out! If your child will be out sick for 2 or more consecutive weeks due to illness or quarantine we will offer you a credit for the missed classes- *note- a doctor’s note must be provided and credit will only apply for time sick and/or in quarantine.


Due to limited capacity, we will not be able to honor make ups for the fall semester. We know this is a change from our usual practice however we hope you understand that we need to be able to keep strict numbers and limit unnecessary exposure to others.

Schedule and time changes:

*We have added multiple classes throughout the day for those who are available to help ease the demand for afterschool and weekend classes. Please note that if you register for a daytime class and then your child’s school schedule changes, we will work with you to find a different class or provide you with your choice of credit or refund for the remaining classes.

*As you will note, all rec classes for the time being are 45 mins long. This is to ensure ample time in between classes for disinfecting and for safe distancing during arrival and dismissal of classes. Team programs have a modified schedule where necessary. While for the older kids this is a shortened time slot then they are used to, since we have significantly less children in each time slot there will not be a reduction in the overall quality of instruction and individual attention for each gymnast. For those who wish to enroll in back to back classes, we have measures in place to adjust for them.

What to wear/what to bring:

*Whenever possible please come DRESSED and ready for gymnastics. Students should wear comfortable clothing or leotards. Please refrain from clothing with buttons or zippers, overly baggy clothes, and dresses for safety reasons. Hair that can be in a ponytail should be in a ponytail!

*Bring a water bottle labeled with your child’s name, remember the water fountain is closed and we do not have vending machines.

*Please don’t bring in anything that is not necessary.

*Please bring a gym bag that can fit your child’s belongings.


ISG has a reputation of being as fair as possible and that of course will continue.

*In the event that ISG elects to or is required by the government to close for any length of time, parents will be given the choice of a credit or a refund for the duration of the closure or remainder of the semester. Please note: if you use a credit card to pay ISG will deduct 3% of the refund to cover the cost of the fee we incur.

*In the event that you choose to pull your child out from any class but ISG remains open, you will receive a credit for the remainder of the semester and forfeit your spot. Note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice from next class or that class will not be counted in your credit. Your credit will be good towards any class, party, camp, or special event and will be good for 2 years. Credits will be transferable to family and friends.

Class specifics:

*Open gym- ages 0-4

No commitment required however we strongly encourage you to reserve a spot before you come as we will be limiting how many children and caregivers are permitted each time. Children must attend with a parent or caregiver. No child ages 5 or older will be permitted, this includes older siblings. This is a drop in, non-instructional opportunity for children ages crawling – 4 years old to develop basic coordination while burning off some energy and getting familiar with ISG in a safe, fun environment. Children will have access to the floor, bars, vault, beam, rings, slides and more with their adult, and will use trampoline at the end of class with an instructor. An instructor is present at all times to help, answer questions, give ideas, and make sure everything is safe. It is the caregivers responsibility to maintain safe distancing.

*Pod Classes and Private lessons

Classes for just your child or your desired group with no one else in the gym. Multiple offerings available but if you don’t see one that meets you needs please reach out as we might be able to accommodate you. Minimum of four children to qualify for our regular rates, and additional fee for 3 children or less.

*Rec Classes- Ages 3-5 (not yet in kindergarten); Ages 5-7, Ages 8 & up.

Instructional recreation classes. Multiple offerings where sibling can come together to cut down on cross exposure and time spent in the gym. Children will be subdivided in classes so they are with their peers so even though we might have a 5 yr old and 12 yr old at the same time they are not in the same group. Whenever possible we will try to honor requests of siblings and friends to be in the same group, however this is not always possible or beneficial for the kids.

*Advanced Classes

A step up from our regular rec classes for those who want some more time in the gym and more focus on advanced skills. The advanced class requires previous gymnastics experience and approval from ISG. Note: due to scheduling constraints because of Covid, we were not able to have a dedicated time slot for the advanced class. Instead we recommend registering for 2 consecutive classes if possible (second class at a discount) so we can get our advanced kids the extra time to focus on form, techniques, and more challenging skills.

*Team Programs

Please reach out to us directly for team program details.

*Tumbling class

It is with deep regret that due to distancing and space limitation we can not hold our usual tumbling classes during the regular schedule, however we are more than happy to create a standalone class as our schedule permits. If you have interest, please reach out to let us know so that we can work with everyone on some possible options.

*Virtual classes

We are in the process of designing a virtual class curriculum in the event that we are required to shut down again. We know how vital exercise is for the health and wellbeing of everyone and want to make sure that we are able to help fulfill that need.

*Backyard classes

We have had numerous requests for backyard classes. While we would love to offer them, unfortunately our insurance does not permit “off premises” or unsanctioned gymnastics so we are not able to provide those classes. Some have chosen to reach out to gymnastics coaches by other means, and it is our advice that you be mindful to check on their credentials, their insurance, and your homeowners insurance if you go that route.